Monday, 23 June 2014

We've Been Quiet

So all five of you have probably noticed that we haven't been posting any reviews lately. Well, although I have added two new reviewers, they have yet to post and will mainly be focusing on fan fiction and graphic novels. Speaking of the latter, that is the reason why yours truly has been absent since I decided to take some time to reread The Sandman comics from Neil Gaiman (which I highly recommend). Now that I have finished, I plan on trying my hand at snarking, starting with the infamous My Immortal. Pray for my sanity. I also plan on reading more of The Hobbit so that I can do another film vs book review. However, I will admit that I have been postponing this as I really dislike the films.

As for Maggie, well, she has become extremely busy and who knows when she will be able to return. She sends her apologies. However, if you are interested in becoming a reviewer, let me know. I would love to get this blog more active and more diverse in the reviews it covers.