Saturday, 30 July 2011

Dead and Gone

Level: Explicit Lite
Genre: Fantasy/Horror > Vampires/Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Borrowed from library
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
We follow Sookie on another adventure of this ninth installment of Charlaine Harris' best selling series.   The vampires may have been "out of the coffin" for quite some time now, but now there is another supernatural group following in their footsteps: the Weres and other shifters. However, it's not after their revelation that a murder rears its ugly head. Crystal, a werepanther in a nearby community, is found outside Merlotte's crucified. Is it just coincidence that it is after the shifters' coming out or is Crystal's death part of a hate crime? Meanwhile, a war has started within the fairy world, and Sookie is dragged into the middle of it. Her great-grandfather's brother plans on killing those with human and fairy blood in them and eventually sealing off the world of Fairy from the human world for good.

Rating: 6/10
 Oh, what to say? Honestly, this is pretty much the same as the other Sookie books. It flows well, and it's a fun and easy read. The murder of Crystal was quite interesting and had me wondering who her murder(s) was/were. Most of this book seemed to be dedicated to the fairies though, and although I don't dislike them like quite a few others, I can't say they are exceedingly scary, especially compared to some of the myths. However, I do think Harris' fairies work for the tone of the Sookie books.

The thing that bothered me most with this book is when you find out some added information about Sookie's parents' deaths. For one, you can see it from a mile away, but the main thing I hated was how the information was given to us. There is apart where Sookie is captured by these two fairies, and they just start talking about it. With the way they say it, it just seems forced and out of place. 

The one thing I liked most about the fairy war was the introduction of a new villain: Sookie's grandfather's twin brother. He is a half human, half fairy who looks pretty much exactly like Sookie's brother, Jason. This could lead to some sneaky schemes in the future. Although we don't really get to see him too much in this book, he has the potential to be an interesting character. 

As to those who are interested in the romance department, it still exists. Eric is still her main squeeze, but, of course, someone else is introduced back in. Bill, in fact, so there is tension involving Bill once again, but so far it's not much. Honestly, it seems as if Harris does plan on having some sort of love triangle going again. I'm indifferent on the subject. I do like some tension is my romance, but how many love triangles of sorts have been in this book now?

So basically, it's the same general review of mine for this Sookie book as well. The plot is still decent, I don't want to kill most of the characters, and I am happy to say that there is romance but it doesn't take over the entire book.

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