Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fool Moon

Level: Explicit Lite
Genre: Fantasy > Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Borrowed from room mate
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

Not quite sure what to say about this cover that I didn't say about Storm Front's. Just by glancing at it, you can figure that you are going to get urban fantasy (and not one doused in romance). It also works nicely with the Storm Front cover (imagine that since they are oh so similar).

About the Book:
Harry is brought in on another case, and this time it is werewolves. However, things soon become more complicated. It turns out there are four different types of werewolves (werewolves, lycanthropes, hexenwolves, and loup-garou), and then Harry is led  to two different potential wolf packs and a mysterious woman who seems something other than human.

Rating: 9/10
Move over, Anita Blake; Harry Dresden is in town, and he's even better! Although not a perfect score, Fool Moon had a lot going for it. My favourite bit easily had to be the werewolves. I love how there are different types in this world. It's not something you often see, and it makes sense. What's even better is we get to see all the different types in action. The loup-garou was always astounding -- big, ferocious, and monstrous! Plus, Butcher doesn't blame the wolf for all the werewolves' violent tendencies. Too often we see the animal getting blamed for the desire to kill. Seriously, I cannot give enough praise for Butcher's werewolves.

Okay, so there are excellent werewolves, but you can have great creatures and still have a piss poor book. As you can see from my rating, I didn't feel this way. The story was well placed, and Jim Butcher did a fine job at creating hints as to what was going on. There is also a good scattering of what is to come in the series such as a demon suggesting that Harry's parents died a more supernatural death. Like Storm Front, there is a well mixed helping of dry humour and heart-pounding action, but Fool Moon is able to get into the story more since there is a lot less introductory elements, making it more enjoyable.

Fool Moon is a fun and well paced book that fans of the early Anita Blake series are bound to love. You can easily tell that Butcher got his inspiration from Hamilton's books, but Butcher clearly does it better (and apparently, The Dresden Files only get better as the series progresses). I can definitely see why this series is as popular as it is. I've only read two of the books and already would recommend checking it out.

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