Monday, 16 April 2012


Level: Older Teen
Genre: Fantasy > Vampires/Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Purchased at Borders
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
In the second book of the Blue Bloods series, the vampires are planning their exclusive Four Hundred ball. However, Mimi Force has plans to have an after party: a masquerade that ends up involving kisses behind masks and causing wonderment in the romance department. Our heroines have more to worry about than just crushes and love though. Bliss swears she has seen Dylan around, even though he should be dead. Schuyler is needing to find a human familiar before she slips into a coma, and Mimi is having to fight a green monster. Meanwhile, there is still an unknown Silver Blood in their midst.  

Rating: 8/10
De la Cruz continues to pen an interesting tale. Although the Blue Blood murders have ceased, the Silver Blood plot is still strong. She also continues the romantic aspect in the latest book that involves Jack, Schuyler, and Mimi. Although the romance is not the main focus, it is still a strong part of the book so the readers who enjoy reading the romance have something to look forward to. However, if you are one of those readers who want more than just a romance book, do not worry. This book still has an intriguing plot that kept me reading. 

Now, like its prior companion, this book still holds the Mean Girls feel to it, and yes, the fashion trends still exist. I did find there was a lot less designer dropping in this novel though. The biggest problem I had with this particular book was the fact that the characters were a bit cliche and generic (a very common occurance in young adult books). I know a lot of people complained about this in the first book, but I figured I would at least read the second book before making that judgement since many characters seem flat in the introduction book. However, on the plus side, I don't want to kill any of the main characters either.

Overall, I am still enjoying de la Cruz's story. She has a good blend of a thrilling plot and the romantic drama. I can't speak for everyone, but she definitely has me hooked.

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