Wednesday, 28 September 2011

End of Days

Level: Older Teen
Genre: Fantasy > Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Purchased on Amazon
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
After Verchiel's departure and the Fallen's forgiveness, Aaron and the other Nephilim are the new force that is trying to rid the world of its darkness and monsters, which have been steadily increasing in numbers, While this is happening, a small group of remaining Powers are tracking down the horn of Gabriel that, when played, will summon Wormwood, an angel created to bring about the end of the world.

Rating: 8/10
Sniegoski brings forth another entertaining plot that kept me riveted. Well, the main plot, at least. Luckily, most of the book pertained to the end of days in some form. However, Sniegoski also places a subplot into the mix that involves Aaron and Vilma. Sniegoski introduces Jeremy Fox, another Nephilim whose main purpose is to provide romantic conflict and be a pain in Aaron's backside. This little subplot seemed to drag on and provided little to the actual storyline. Nor was there even any tension since it is obvious that Vilma is going to stay with Aaron.

Other than the romantic side trip, I found the book quite enjoyable and zoomed right through it. Sniegoski did a wonderful job creating a multitude of grotesque creatures, and I especially found myself intrigued with the child and the plan he unfolds in the tale. It left me wanting more, left me wanting to know what was going to happen. The ending of the book was especially phenomenal. To part of my dislike, it was left on a cliff hanger so now I am forced to wait for the next installment. RAGE!

Another thing I disliked was that I wish I had gotten a better sense of the other Nephilim. All of the newbies, except Jeremy, seemed to blend into the woodwork. Sniegoski gave them enough difference that we knew they were their own person, but I never got an actual sense of that character. Overall though, I really enjoyed the book and can't wait for the next one. I only hope he steers clear of any more majorly romantic subplots.

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