Sunday, 24 February 2013

Warm Bodies

Level: Teen
Genre: Sci/fi Dystopia
Obtained: Online library
Reviewed by: Maggie W.


I've seen a couple different covers for this book. The one above, which is the cover that was on my ebook copy of the book and my favorite out of the 3, a more minimalist cover which I liked a little, and a movie tie in that I don't really like, mostly because I dislike movie publicity campaigns that don't let a good book stand on it's own. For those interested here's the second cover. I feel like for a book about brain eating zombies a cover with arteries of the brain was a good choice. 

About the book:

This is a fairly short book, but for something so brief it's an excellent story. Originally I had a friend suggest this book to me but as zombies aren't really my thing I sort of put in pretty far down on my list of books to read. It wasn't until a few months ago when I saw the previews for the movie adaptation that I thought maybe I should move this book up the list a bit. Most of the time when you read a zombie story it's always told from the point of view of the poor bastards that are running for their lives, no one ever seem to want to tell the zombies side of the story, until this one.

Rating 7/10

The story starts out with R, the somewhat hero of the story, wandering around an abandon airport with his friend M. None of them are sure why they do this, but figure it must be the last traces of memories of their former human life. The zombies strangely mimic the human lives by getting married, raising a family(well if adopting random zombie children counts), and occasionally going out for take away. 
It's on one of this food runs that everything changes for R. A group, R and M included, go into the city to hunt down some straggling human when R meets Julie. After attacking Julie's boyfriend Perry, R is advancing on Julie when something stops him. So the logical thing to do is of course take her home with him. 
R stashes Julie away in the jumbo jet he's been living in at the airport to keep her safe. Julie astounded by the fact that her zombie keeper has a fondness for Frank Sinatra and can also hold a fairly decent, if somewhat slow conversation. Meanwhile R stashed Perry's brain away for a snack after killing him and slowly, as he eats the brain, he starts to get more of Perry's memories. 
The rest of the book is filled with humor and a bit of a commentary on what actually makes someone human.

What I'm reading next: 

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