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First off, please note that the cover above actually contains two novels: The Fallen and Leviathan.  For my book reviews, I use the cover I held in my hands while reading it, which is why I posted this cover instead of the single Leviathan cover. Just so you are aware, this review is on the one novel only: Leviathan.

Level: Older Teen
Genre: Fantasy > Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Purchased at Walmart
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
This  novel starts right where the last one left off. With his foster parents dead, Aaron leaves behind his home and school to try to find his brother, Stevie, who has been captured by the angel, Verchiel, who plans on using Stevie as a hound of sorts. Following his instinct, Aaron ends up in Blithe, Main where something strange is going on. Not only are the locals a little odd, but Camael, Aaron's angel companion, has gone missing. There are also a multitude of unnatural creatures running around, further indicating that something is amiss.

Rating 9/10 Stars
Whereas The Fallen felt slow and cumbersome, Leviathan  is much more fast paced. Although I am still not a fan of the main character and few are close to being well rounded, I still found myself enjoying this book immensely. This is definitely a plot driven book, and if that is not your cup of tea, I would not bother picking this series up. Now, I did find the climax battle to be a bit repetitious after a while (god knows the word behemoth was repeated too often), I still found most of the reading to be quite enjoyable, and there was definitely a creep factor when I found out why the people of Blithe have an oddity about them.

Now, anyone who has an inkling of Christian and Jewish lore will know what the leviathan is. However, even with this knowledge, I was entranced by the originality and vulgarity of the beast, along with the other unique creations that Sniegoski brought to the page. I only hope that the rest of the series proves just as good and interesting. So far, this is a series I would recommend for both teens and adults, and if you are into angels and/or action driven plots, this is definitely worth a read.

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