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Definitely Dead

Level: Explicit Lite
Genre: Fantasy/Horror > Vampires/Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Purchased at Borders
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
The Sookie Stackhouse series continues in its sixth novel, Definitely Dead. This time Sookie is getting mixed up in royal affairs, and more death surrounds her. She is also introduced to a new romance when Quinn, the weretiger, asks her on a date.   While on their date, Quinn and Sookie end up getting attacked by bitten Weres. The question is are they after Sookie, Quinn, or both? Because of the disaster, they set up another date, but that has to be cancelled when Mr. Cataliades, the Queen of Louisiana's lawyer, calls to say he will pick up Sookie soon so she can settle her now deceased cousin's affairs. The fact that Sookie needs to be ready is unexpected since it turns out the Queen's messenger ended up being murdered. 

Things only get worse once Sookie gets to New Orleans. She gets attacked by a newly risen vampire Were, attacked again by more bitten Weres, and ends up in the middle of a battle at the Queen's estate. Sookie also ends up getting some vital information that concerns her bloodline and her first love, Bill Compton. 

My Rating: 5/10
Perhaps I am just growing bored of Sookie now, but this book did not hook me.  I honestly had to think back to what happened in the book's first half. It was just unmemorable to me. Although there are different plots in the books, each one boils down to basically the same thing: main plot with a couple subplots and then Sookie's current romance. Although this is a common thing, and perhaps I wouldn't be bothered by it as much if I wasn't reading the books back to back, but I am done with Sookie for a while.

As for the actual context, I found the romance dull as usual. There seems to never be any tension in any of the romances, even when they are having issues (such as Bill and Sookie). I just never feel the emotion behind it though the fact that all the characters seem to use the same mundane pet names such as babe and honey. It doesn't help that these type of pet names grate me extensively since I feel like there is never emotion in them. Granted, I understand that it could be the character. In fact, since Bill was Sookie's first real boyfriend, I could see her using these terms. Don't most young teens end up using such terms when they first start dating after all? However, it gets hold after a while when it's not only Sookie but Bill, Eric, and now Quinn are using such endearments. 

Speaking of Quinn,  I find him incredibly cheesy. He seemed like he might have been an interesting character, but in this book, I could not stand him. Adding on to his overused pet names, he is constantly using cheesy lines on or about Sookie such as when Quinn says "Who would want just one night with you?" when replying to Sookie saying she is not a one night stand kind of woman. If it was just that one line, it would be fine, but he is constantly saying crap like this. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-romance, but this is worthy of eye rolling. Also, Quinn is, of course, a great and powerful fighter. He, like every other supe Sookie has dated, seems to be perfect. The other issue I had with the romance is it moves way too quickly. Quinn was only introduced to us at the end of the previous book and he ends up asking Sookie on a date in the beginning of this one, and of course, hormones are high between the two. Oh, don't get me started on the "sex" scene between Quinn and Sookie. Supposedly, Quinn ends up having one of the best orgasms just by rubbing his clothed pelvis against Sookie's, which is covered by thin Spandex (yes, Spandex). Yes, that is all they do, but apparently it was more wonderful than sliced bread. 

As for the actual plot, I could not put my finger on one main plot, but it was fairly interesting, at least. I was curious as to who sent the bitten Weres after Sookie and who killed the demon messenger and why. As for the backstabbing of Queen Sophie-Ann, well, you can see that coming from a mile away. The Debbie Pelt plot also makes an appearance in this book though I am happy to say that it is actually going somewhere. It is more of the Pelt family wondering what happened to Debbie, but it is kept brief enough throughout the books that you are not bored with it. We are also introduced to more supernatural creatures though we don't get much insight into them: demons. 

Spoilers for those who don't watch True Blood:
You also find out in this book that Sookie is part fairy, which seems slightly ridiculous, but isn't all together surprising. I am happy to see that there might be actual tension between Bill and Sookie now though since you find out that Bill was told by Queen Sophie-Ann to seduce Sookie. Now, we shall see how emotional this becomes, but I am guessing I'll be bored of it fairly quickly since emotion does not seem to be Harris' strong suit.
End Spoilers.

As for the writing style, it hasn't changed much, but I find myself getting more fed up with the poor similes such as "crisp as a celery stick" or "her eyes shown like dark lamps."  It does go with what the book is: simple, but some of the ones you come across you have to ask yourself, "Really? Dark lamps?" So all in all, the writing itself is still not the best, but that should be expected by now. The little plots are still interesting, even if some (if not all) are obvious as to where they are going. Then, there is the romance, which seems too rushed, but if that is your cup of tea, go for it.

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