Friday, 14 December 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Level: Explicit Lite
Genre: Urban Fantasy > Vampire
Obtained: Purchased at an Archon book vendor
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

I have to admit that I have a fondness for the retro covers. What's more is I think they sum up the early books quite well. Sure, they are a little dated, but so is the book. Seriously, payphones and beepers are used. This cover gives the feel of an old horror or thriller type film, which suits Guilty Pleasures nicely. Sure, the cover is a bit cheesy. I mean, there's a giant floating head on it, but it tells you what it is. It's a cover that isn't going to suit everyone's tastes, but whether you take it or leave it, the retro covers will always have a place in my heart.

About the Book:
In the modern day world, vampires and other paranormal creatures are known. However, in America, vampires are also legal citizens so if you kill a vampire, you may find yourself up on murder charges. Enter Anita Blake. She is an animator (someone who raises the dead), paranormal consultant for the police, and legal executioner for the vampires who get out of line. Recently, there has been a series of vampire murders happening, and Nikolaos, vampire Master of the City, wants Anita to look into these crimes, whether Anita wants to or not...

Rating: 9/10
I originally started reading the Anita Blake series back in 2000. I have lost track of how many times I have read the series. Personally, I despise where the series has gone and find myself grinding my teeth at the author's personal attitude, but even with a strong disliking of the author and the progression of Anita Blake, I still find myself loving Guilty Pleasures (and most of the early books).

Now, I could rant and rave about where the Anita Blake series has gone, but that's not what this review is about. I will be focusing on Guilty Pleasures, not the Anita Blake series. Honestly, I was a bit worried about reviewing Guilty Pleasures after all this time. I have to admit that I was worried that my dislike of Laurell K. Hamilton would taint these books for me so much that I would no longer enjoy them. I am glad to say that this is not the case. I still find myself falling in love with Hamilton's characters all over again. I find myself getting lost into the world she created every single time. Guilty Pleasures still has its downfalls, and it is hardly the best written book, but it is highly entertaining. Laurell K. Hamilton has me rooting for a character that I know I would despise in real life.

As I said though, Guilty Pleasures still has its issues. One would be the repetition. I lost count of how many times she used the term "tough as nails vampire hunter" (or a close variation there of). The mystery in the plot was also a little lacking (seriously, the bad guy ends up confessing to Anita; she doesn't figure it out on her own). However, the plot was a fun ride, and Hamilton gave the story a strong sense of character like no other. Hamilton's writing will have your imagination working overtime as you start to feel the St. Louis heat and fear for Anita as more and more dangers come her way. It may not be Hemingway, but it's a book that is bound to pull you in its pages and not let go. 

What I'm Reading Next:    

I don't usually do this, but I am in love with the 2000 revamp of the Guilty Pleasures cover. As much as I love the retro covers, this one will always have a place in my heart. Maybe it is my fascination for men's stomachs and dead roses, but every time I see this cover, I cannot help but think of the Anita Blake series that I loved. It looks cold and dead yet sexy and tantalizing at the same time. It is perfect for the first half of the Anita Blake series, and it was this cover that had caught my eye all those years ago.

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