Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

Level: Explicit
Genre:Fantasy > Erotica > BDSM
Obtained: Purchased at Borders
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
In this erotic tale spun by Anne Rice, the Sleeping Beauty classic is taken to a whole new level where Beauty is awoken not by a kiss but something much more ... intrusive. After releasing Beauty's enchantment, the prince claims her as his own is the most humiliating way: as a sex slave.

 Rating: 5/10 Stars
First off, this book is not for everyone. If you dislike lots of sex in your books, put this book down. If you disliked BDSM, put this book down. If you dislike gay sex, again put this book down. If you are looking for a book with more sensuality, I would also suggest you look elsewhere.

With that being said, I have to admit I was sorely disappointed in this book. I decided to read this not only because I was interested of my own accord, but I had several friends claim that I would love it. I am sad to say they were wrong. My room mate states that the second and third books get better and although I do plan on giving them a chance, I must say that the first book does nothing for the mind nor the libido. From what I had read of Anne Rice's works (so far a little under half of the Vampire Chronicles), I figured that with her skill and my desire for certain taboo, I was sure that this collection would have me writhing in my seat, I was gravely mistaken. Although many sexual escapades were expected, there was little else. Several reviews that I read claimed it was nothing more than porn, and I would have to agree. There was no time given between kinks and sex to give us any sort of break. Nor was there any sort of character development, which might have endeared the reader to a more intimate experience.

Rice also needs to vary her kinks more. Ninety percent of this book was nothing more than spanking. If spanking is what gets you off, then maybe you will enjoy this book more. However, the kink was not the only thing Rice was guilty of repeating, The author really needed to extend her vocabulary; the book was overflowing with the word buttocks. Anne Rice may have come up with an interesting concept, but Rice failed to make it what it could have been. I hope that the rest of the trilogy is better, because this was definitely not worth my money. I would suggest not wasting yours.

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