Monday, 21 May 2012


Level: Explicit
Genre: Fantasy/Horror > Vampires/Urban Fantasy
Obtained: Borrowed from a friend
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
Anita has never felt wanted; she is always surprised that she has such beautiful boyfriends in her life. In this outtake, Jean-Claude and Asher are pleased to show her just how desirable she is. 

Rating: 2/10
Oh, what to say about this? I mean, there is almost nothing to review. This entire thing was only two chapters (roughly 20 or so pages total) and then a preview chapter of her upcoming book. For what it was, this special was highly overpriced (a whopping $2.99). However, in Hamilton's defence, I realise the author rarely has a say in the price. If she did though, shame on you Ms. Hamilton!

As for the actual content, it was about what I expected. In Beauty, we get a sexy threesome between Jean-Claude, Asher, and Anita in a GIANT tub along with Anita feeling self-pity. In other words, you have most of the newer Anita Blake novels, only condensed. 

Now, I have heard a lot of people complain that the sex in here is not erotic at all. Personally, I didn't think it was all that bad. Hell, I think it might have been fairly sexy if I hadn't read this for what seems the hundredth time. Basically, it is the same old routine. Yawn. If you like all the sex in Anita Blake though, you will probably enjoy this scene. If not, stay away.
So overall, Beauty is what I expected: Anita whining, sex, and silly clothes (seriously, Asher's outfit was horrifying and pointless). It's mundane, and we've all read it before. Save your money.

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