Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Cirque du Freak: Tunnels of Blood

Level: Youth to Teen
Genre: Fantasy/Horror > Vampires
Obtained: Purchased at Borders
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
About a year and a half has passed since Darren's last adventure. This time a Vampire General has made contact with Mr. Crepsley. After the meeting, Crepsley, Darren, and Evra leave the Cirque. In the city they inhabit, Crepsley ends up going off by himself at night without explanation. Evra and Darren think nothing of this until they see the news: six bodies have been found drained of their blood. So the two boys start to follow Crepsley to whether he is the villain.

Rating: 7/10
I honestly wasn't all to thrilled with this installment. Granted, I didn't dislike it either. The plot itself wasn't terrible, and the villain was nice and grotesque, which ought to appeal to young boys. The main issue I had with this particular book was when they were following Crepsley. It just seemed way to drawn out when it was obvious that
Crepsley was not the one killing the humans. I had no problem with this obvious deterrent being placed in the story. My issue was that it dragged on for chapters. Maybe it would be less obvious to a twelve year old (or they would have at least found it more interesting), but for me it was a draaaaaaaaaaaaag.

Beside that major issue, I felt about the same with this book as with the others in the series thus far. It is an original idea and a fast paced read, which I think the youth will enjoy. So far however, I would not suggest this as an all ages type book. Still, it is an interesting and fairly entertaining series, and I still plan on reading the rest.

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