Friday, 1 July 2011


Level: Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Obtained: Purchased at Borders
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

About the Book:
In England, there is a small town known as Wall, named because of the wall that separates it from a meadow, which is really part of the world of Faerie. Here a young lad by the name of Tristran Thorn is looking to win the heart of a beautiful girl by the name Victoria Forester. One night the two of them glimpse a falling star, and Victoria promises Tristran whatever he wants if he retrieves the star for her. So he crosses the wall and enters the world of Faerie, but when he does find the star, it is not what he is expecting. When stars fall in Faerie, they turn into girls. So Tristran and Yvaine, the star, end up in a series of troubles and adventures, involving witches, unicorns, and a series of brothers trying to kill each other for the throne.

Although I had heard and read some of Gaiman's stuff before seeing the Stardust film, I did read the book after. I did find the book fantastical, but I have to admit I found the movie more to my liking. Both follow the same storyline for the most part with only two major deviances: the end and the air ship. The movie also had a lot more humour in it, which just seemed to work wonders for Stardust. Book wise though, the writing flowed nicely, and although it was an easy and light read, it was interesting. The plot followed a fairly general fantasy adventure type, but the plot was unique. Even if you had seen the movie, you could still enjoy the book. Something you can't say about others. It is not my favourite of Gaiman's works, but it is still wonderful. Stardust is neither a waste of time or money.

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