Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Level: Explicit Lite
Genre: Historical Fantasy > Vampires
Obtained: Purchased at Target
Reviewed by: Nic Echo

Okay, I normally hate purchasing books that have a movie poster or scenes from a movie/television series on it. Of course, there are always exceptions. For examples, I much prefer the True Blood covers compared to the original Sookie Stackhouse covers, but most of the time, I simply dislike it. However, in the case of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, this isn't true, and unlike the Sookie Stackhouse books, it's not because I think the original covers are god awful. For some reason, I just really like this cover. What's more is I think it would do a fantastic job at getting a potential buyer's attention. Just look at it. That cover promises a dark novel with loads of vampire hunting action with its play of shadows and light of a full moon. The fonts and colouring work perfectly as well, something both elegant and bold. It's a cover that is bound to be grabbed from the store shelves.

About the Book:
Every American knows, at least, the basics of the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Every one knows about the American Civil War where brother fought brother on a field of blood. What we don't know is the truth behind the war and the truth behind Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter follows Abe from his youth when he has his first encounter with a vampire, which causes him to make a vow to kill every vampire in America. This book follows Abe from a boy to a man to the legend while revealing all the details that had remained hidden.

Rating: 6/10
What to say about this book? Often times, I just find myself saying it was good. I haven't felt the urge to really recommend it to anyone (with one exception). There were things that were really fantastic about it, but I rarely felt myself getting sucked in.

One things that I really liked about this book was that you could tell it was well researched. Now, if there are flaws, I would not be the one to spot them. I am not afraid to admit that I know very little about Mr. Lincoln. However, I have noticed plenty of history buffs have read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and found it up to par. Of course, there are some things in the book that are false (but often fun) such as Abraham meeting Edgar Allen Poe,  but seeing as how this is a work of fiction, you can't expect everything to be 100% accurate. However, since this story is well researched, it gives the illusion that all of this was possible, which is one of the best things a story can do.

Well, it has already been noted that I did not love the book, and you are probably wondering why. Honestly, I could not tell you exactly. If I had to guess, it was probably something as simple as subject matter.However, I have noticed that a good chunk of readers had issue with the constant flip flopping between first and third person. Personally, I did not find this disconcerting, but since so many did, I felt that it should be mentioned. 

Overall, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter wasn't a bad book. It was actually quite enjoyable. Personally, I cannot see myself reading it again, but I don't feel it was a waste of time either, and I may even check out other works from Seth Grahame-Smith. The man has a gift for altering original material rather than creating a very loosely based story around it. It's fun and relatively easy to envision Lincoln as a vampire hunter with this novel. I just wish it had pulled me in a little bit more.

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